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Backend Software Engineer

Palo Alto, CA
Backend Software Engineer
My client is remaking mutual fund investing, cutting fees from an average of 3% to 1.5% and giving more transparency into what investments fund managers are making now, not just past returns on decisions they’ve already made. In the past, fund managers have been paid more by how many assets they can get under management than on how well they perform. That in turn makes the funds’ performances worse, because they can’t get in and out of stocks quickly. By giving investors more transparency into how investment decisions are made and exposing them to more boutique fund managers, my client hopes to flip that around.
They have a small team that they are looking scale. They highly value self- driven software engineers that get excited about solving problems around scalability, algorithms and UX. They look for top tier school talent. They embrace JVM languages (JRuby, Scala and Java)They are an ultra Agile environment with a 5-minute commit-to-production cycle and embrace Agile, test-driven processes.

I am helping them find engineers to develop the backend of their revolutionary, large-scale, high availability website.

We need engineers to help us develop the backend of a revolutionary, large-scale, high availability website.
  • Extremely smart and self-motivated
  • Passion for test-driven development and automated functional testing
  • Live and breathe performance
  • Demonstrated excellence in Java. Scala a plus!
  • Experience with databases, preferably MySQL
  • Strong knowledge of network and distributed computing
  • Ability to work independently
  • BS or MS in computer science or related field.

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